Commercial Rent Forfeiture

If you have a lease which states you have the right to forfeit then we can offer you this service. Our charges for this service are competitive and tailored to your requirement, with or without locksmiths charges. All we require from you is a completed Forfeiture Authorisation form and fax it to ourselves on 01924 265910.

Download a Rent Forfeiture Form

Commercial Rent Distraint
Please note that as and from the 6th April 2014 the Common Law Right of Distress has been abolished.
A new statutory regime for Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (C.R.A.R.) has been introduced under Schedule 12 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007.
Landlords can authorise a certificated Enforcement Agent to recover commercial arrears of Pure Rent.  Please note that the Enforcement Agent is required to issue a notice giving the tenant seven clear days to pay before further enforcement.
Rent is defined under Part 3 Section 76 as meaning the amount payable under a lease for possession of the property plus any interest due under the lease and any appropriate VAT.  No other sum can be actioned howsoever described.
If you wish to proceed please complete the authorisation form below and return it to ourselves by:
Post:      FAO Mr. C. D. Harrison, C W Harrison & Son, Milner Way, Ossett, WF5 9JQ
Fax: 01924 265910

Download a Rent Distraint Form


We are calling on people to stay vigilant against fraudsters posing as enforcement officers and bailiffs


We have become aware of scammers phoning members of the public, posing as County Court bailiffs, High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) and Certificated Enforcement Agents (CEAs).


During the calls, the fraudsters claim that the person owes money, and demands that they transfer funds into a bank account.


We may contact you by phone to discuss a warrant of control and will offer to take debit or credit card payments over the phone.


However, we will never:

-          telephone you to ask for your bank details

-          ask you to disclose your bank details should you make a bank transfer to us.


If anyone claiming to be a county court bailiff, an HCEO or CEA calls asking for this information, you should not make any payment and not give any bank details.


You should end the call and contact:

-          your local county court, if the caller says they are an HMCTS bailiff.  Contact details for county courts are on

-          the company the person claims to work for, if the caller says they are an HCEO or CEA.  Contact the High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA) and the Civil Enforcement Officers Association (CIVEA) for more information.


If you believe you have been a victim of this scam you should report the matter to: Auction Fraud online or on 0300 123 2040.